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Artist Karen Duprè.California.

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Artist Karen Duprè.California.

Artist Karen Dupré

L.A. County, California

She is a self-taught artist whose first inspiration stemmed from her interest in horses. This fascination quickly led her to translate the splendor of these animals and other wildlife through drawing. Karen has broadened her repertoire to include landscapes, still-life imagery and figures, while never abandoning the wildlife that first sparked her imagination. Throughout her imagery, one can find a certain sense of harmony. This tranquility is partly a result of her gentle brushstrokes and her talent to illustrate the play of light in both nature and man-made objects. Dupré’s work is adept at capturing a fleeting moment in time and seemingly transporting the viewer there. The artist’s unique style demonstrates her ability to transcend traditional parameters and to constantly challenge herself in finding new avenues of expression.

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