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Швея в живописи... 16

Оригинал взят у kykolnik в Швея в живописи... 16
Милые сердцу швейки
Отдохновение для глаз

Jules Trayer (French, 1824-1908) «The seamstress»

Frederick Cayley Robinson (British, 1862-1927 «The Foster Mother» 1925

Carl Budtz-Moller (Danish, 1882-1953) «Interior from a sewing room» 1913

David Adolf Constant Artz (Dutch, 1837-1890) «In the orphanage Katwijk-Inside» 1890

Hendrik Valkenberg (Dutch, 1826-1896) «Young girl sewing» 1879

Holga Elise Amalie Reinhard (Danish, 1853 – 1902) «Mother sitting at her child's cradle»

Johann Julius Exner (Danish, 1825-1910) «A living room in an old farmhouse in Hollanderby»

Daniel Tixier (French, 19-th century) «Women with needlework in the garden»

Franz Meyerheim (German, 1838-1880) «The Seamstress» 1863

Emile Georges Weiss (French, 1861-1921) «Women sewing by lamplight»

Danish painter, 19th century «Interior with a woman sitting by the window sewing»

Anton Dorph (Danish, 1831-1914) «A young fisherwoman waiting for her husband's return from the sea»

Caroline von der Embde (German, 1812-1904) «The little seamstress»

Christoffel Bisschop (Dutch, 1828-1904) «Young woman in a room Hindelopen» 1904

Giacomo Favretto (Italian, 1849 - 1887) «In the sewing room»

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